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Step 1: The assessment

  • Provide us with your energy data and an energy bill.

  • Using satellite imagery and your data, you're matched with the optimal solar system and a breakdown of costs, benefits, and your annual savings.

Step 2: The initial offers

  • We release your chosen system and preferences to some of our chosen industry suppliers, who submit initial offers.

  • Receive a detailed evaluation of initial offers presented via a dynamic online platform, to help you understand who’s offering the best solution.

  • Carry out appropriate on-site assessments, including electrical and structural roof assessments to provide project certainty with no hidden costly surprises.

Step 3: The final offers

  • Shortlisted suppliers compete in a best and final offers round, or a reverse auction, depending on your choice.

  • Participating suppliers conduct site inspections. A detailed final offers qualification determines the suppliers score on the important details on your project.

  • You get a value system of the highest quality and best price and get either a:
    • Contract for an outright purchase;
    • Power Purchase Agreement;
    • Finance offer; or
    • Lease Agreement.
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"Avoid the cost of buying energy off the grid and the network cost in getting the energy to your premises"

CEO John Huggart explains in this interview featured on Money News with Brooke Corte