What is an Auction Blitz?

Energy Auction Blitz

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We will put our revolutionary auction platform, The Australian Energy Exchange (AEX) to the test with a dedicated blitz for businesses to avoid the end of year rush. 

Traditionally this "End of Year Rush", known as a renewal cliff is attributed to the large number of clients with energy contracts expiring 31 December 2019. 

Participating businesses will have their energy auction run during the auction blitz period and whilst all you need to worry about is signing off on your result, the retailers will receive plenty of notice to get prepared for the big event! We have 16 retailers nationally invited to the Auction Blitz and ready to bid for your business. 

From first to last bid, the AEX Platform delivers an average saving of 6.8% for the energy component of your bill in just ten minutes! 

Registering your interest is free. Participating in an auction will attract a registration fee to cover the administration costs involved.

How one business saved over $97,000 using Energy Action's reverse auction platform

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