Our Green Auction platform is a new way for you to reach your net zero goals with ease.

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Energy Action's Green Auction platform is an innovative, renewable backed energy supply agreement that enables you to achieve your net zero goals while adopting a traditional medium-term supply agreement.

Green Auctions allow you to take advantage of a competitive market and secure Renewable Energy on your terms and your timeline.

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The Importance of Reaching Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Still on the fence about starting your journey towards net zero carbon emissions? Watch this video to find out more about the net zero movement.

Benefits to Your Business 

Be powered by 100% renewable energy, linked to an identifiable energy source that meets net zero certifications standards and RE100 commitments.

Enjoy the benefits of a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement, with the simplicity of a standard electricity supply agreement. 

Minimise your energy and net zero costs through a highly competitive and transparent reverse auction process that harnesses the market to drive the price down

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What is a Green Auction?